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I'm so incredibly naughty You wouldn't believe it! Try my curvaceous body in my private room and don't forget that great opportunities are never lost - they are just found by somebody else. Looking for a nice chat? Come talk to me.... I enjoy meeting a variety of new people and hope you enjoy me as well :)

For my size, i can be pretty flexible....

I am a 20 year old Italian, Irish and African American college student that enjoys meeting new people Join our room and have a woderful time spent together. We will surely find out what You really want. I want to show others how Id like to be pleasured. I`d like for others to watch me squirt and cum. I want to show my naughtiness and sexiness.

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I`m a very fun laid back sweetheart. I like to spend my free time traveling, shopping, and trying new things. I like to stay well groomed and try my best to eat healthy and stay active. I`m looking forward to furthering my education with a cosmetology course. A lover of all People, Pleasant to be around a natural Sweetheart.

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My ultimate Fantasies consist of Chains ,belts and Whips On a abandon island in the Pacific Ocean underneath and 20ft water fall with and endless supply of jose Cuervo all while being tied up with my hand behind my back recive massive stimulation and Pain with Fire. I'll talk if you want to talk if your day is good or bad, I'll listen give advice if I have any, read some of my book to you so you can see what I mean if your into it and I'll be naughty if you want me to play your game but mostly I'd like us to get to know one another first that would be wonderful and relieving for u and me. Oh if you want a friend you got that to. So if I have the materials and I can do it I will.

Big dildos, a vibrator, and looking sexy in high heels and stilettos with a bra and panty or lingerie even a coat or robe to go over it.

I'm very dominant in bed when I'm really feeling the moment, I love using whip cream and licking it off a mans body and his friend . I love using chocolate syrup there to my fantasy one is doing it on the beach at night and I love to be eaten out to I want to be tasted and I'll taste to oh and toys are great love those to they help me climax what I mean by that is when I'm being penetrated then the toy penetrates my special part it turns me on but most of all being dominated and dominating is my fav smacking my butt telling me what you love about my body and what you'd like to do to it sets me off.


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